Ajinkya Naik




Ajinkya Naik

Global Network Leader

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry & other diversified businesses. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Marketing, HR, Sales, and Event Management. Strong business development professional with a Global Leader Exposure in Business management focused in Global Village from Lehigh University - College of Business and Economics. Man Power is the most important asset of all our organizations.

Apex Council Member at Mumbai Cricket Association. Passionate about cricket from childhood and believes in helping upcoming cricketers. In near future focus will be on cricket development and infrastructure.

Passionate Angel Investor with love for identifying young talents who possess the burning desire to create businesses that are futuristic, fresh and original in ideas, challenges the status quo, has the potential for exponential growth and moreover contributes back towards the society! Managing Director and Founder at ASCS – a business consulting firm helping international and domestic companies of all sizes address unique challenges in India, whilst managing other companies such as GRID91, Synclature, BTP Hospitality and Supreme Developers; all which offer unique services.

For someone who specializes in real estate and infrastructure development, I have diversified into various ventures quite comfortably owing to my strong business acumen.

A strong proponent of empowering children through education and eradicating poverty in the process; we also run Kutumba Foundation, a not for profit organization which is working tirelessly for the slum children on Mumbai by providing them with education which gives them the courage to dream and achieve what they want out of their lives without succumbing to the evils of poverty. Ajinkya's life and business philosophy quite simply remain – There is a solution for every single problem; it is the problem-solving attitude which matters the most. If you believe you can, you will!



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